An IRS Audit (Part V)

How do I know if the IRS received my response?

For any delivery service you may use, always request confirmation that the IRS has received it. For example, if you use the US Postal Service, you can request one of their additional services to ensure delivery confirmation.

What if I need more time to respond?

For audits conducted by mail – fax your written request to the number shown on the IRS letter you received. If you are unable to submit the request by fax, mail your request to the address shown on the IRS letter. The IRS can ordinarily grant you a one-time automatic 30-day extension. They will contact you if they are unable to grant your extension request. However, if you received a “Notice of Deficiency” by certified mail, the IRS cannot grant additional time for you to submit supporting documentation. You may continue to work with them to resolve your tax matter, but the IRS cannot extend the time you have to petition the U.S. Tax Court beyond the original 90 days.

For audits conducted by in-person interview – If your audit is being conducted in person, contact the auditor assigned to your audit to request an extension. If necessary, you may contact the auditor’s manager.

Next week additional information on the IRS Audit (IRS web site) (TTT 02/09/2021)