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Hearing Available Under Collection Due Process (CDP) (Part I)

Hearing Available Under Collection Due Process (CDP) (Part I)

For Lien Notices:

By law, you have the right to a CDP hearing when you receive a Notice advising you of this right and you timely postmark a request for a hearing to the address indicated on the Notice. You are limited to one hearing under section 6320 (Notice and opportunity for hearing upon filing of notice of lien) and 6330 (Notice and opportunity for hearing before levy) for each tax assessment within a tax period.

You may contest the CDP determination in the United States Tax Court.

Lien Notice: The IRS is required to notify you the first time a Notice of Federal Tax Lien is filed for each tax and period. The IRS must notify you within 5 business days after the lien filing. This notice may be mailed, given to you, or left at your home or office. You then have 30 days, after that 5-day period, to request a hearing with Appeals. The lien notice you receive will indicate the date this 30-day period expires.

Next week a discussion on Levy Notices.

(IRS Publication 1660) (TTT 02/05/19)