IRS Definition of Terms – you may find helpful  (Part IV)

Data Communication Processing System (DCPS) – The DCPS is also referred to as the “front-end” processor, the “Traffic Cop”, or the Sperry 90/40 front-end processor. “Traffic Cop” is a good nickname, since the equipment directs your command code terminal entry to a file (data base) where you may research or make changes.

Composite Mail Processing System (COMPS) – This system will allow both incoming and outgoing mail to be processed at an increased rate of speed. This system has features such as remittance detection and a tape drive so that we can interface with our mainframe systems to update taxpayers’ accounts.

End-of-Day Processing (EOD) – Processing that occurs at the end of each day. This process uses the gendata records produced by Realtime and transactions from GMF to send transactions to Master File for posting.

Remittance Processing Device (RPD) – A multifunctional work station used in RPS for processing documents.

 Remittance Processing System (RPS) – A computer controlled system that allows payments and documents to be

processed at a multifunctional work station.

(IRS Document 6209, TTT 9/14/21 & 9/21/21)