IRS Definition of Terms – you may find helpful  (Part V)

Taxpayer Delinquent Account (TDA) – A computer generated printout indicating that the taxpayer’s account has reached a delinquent status. TDAs are sent to the respective districts for collection action (aka Bal Due).

Taxpayer Delinquent Investigation (TDI) – A computer generated printout indicating that a taxpayer is delinquent filing a return. TDIs are sent to the District Offices for collection (aka Del Ret).

Non–computed — Taxpayer files an incomplete tax return. He signs the return and attaches Forms W–2. The computer will calculate the tax and issue a notice. The notice will advise the taxpayer whether he owes tax or will receive a refund. If the return appears on the error register, a non–compute code of “2” will be displayed.

Invalid Number — Taxpayer’s name and Social Security Number do not agree with the SSN furnished or do not match Social Security records. On MCC or IDRS transcripts, an asterisk (*) follows the invalid number.

Invalid Segment — That part of the Individual Master File that contains Social Security Numbers or names that do not match with Social Security records.

(IRS Document 6209, TTT 9/28/21 & 10/5/21)