IRS Definition of Terms – you may find helpful  (Part VI)

Tax Module — Part of a taxpayer’s account which reflects tax data for one tax class (MFT) and one tax period. For example:

(1) Taxpayer has filed 3 Forms 1120, 12 Forms 941 and 3 Forms 940 within a three-year period. He has only one account on the Master File but 18 tax modules.

(2) Taxpayer filed 3 Forms 1040. There is only one account but 3 tax modules.

Tax Period — The period of time for which a return is filed. The Service uses a six-digit code to indicate the end of the tax period for a given return. (The first four digits represent the year and the next two digits represent the month).

Historic Transcript – A computer generated listing of DLNs being removed from the SCCF (Service Center Control File) with closed balances. This transcript should be produced at least once a month and is used for research purposes.

SCCF Aged Transcript – A computerized listing of all DLN’s with open balances on the SCCF and no activity for six

cycles (three cycles for BOB).

Transcript Research System (TRS) – The Transcript Research System (TRS) is a realtime mode that supports a myriad of functions. It is accessed through, and provides direct retrieval of, mater file data via IDRS realtime. This automated system replaced most microfilm research of tax data in the service center and district office. This system was previously referred to as the Microfilm Replacement System (MRS).

(IRS Document 6209, TTT 10/12/21 & 10/19/21)