Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Part XIV): The IRS has adopted a Taxpayer Bill of Rights as proposed by prior National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson 

Bill of Right #8: The Right to Confidentiality (cont.) 

What This Means for You 

· Communications between you and an attorney with respect to legal advice the attorney gives you are generally privileged. A similar privilege applies to tax advice you receive from an individual who is authorized to practice before the IRS (e.g., certified public accountant, enrolled agent, and enrolled actuary), but only to the extent that the communication between you and that individual would be privileged if it had been between you and an attorney. For example, communication between you and an individual authorized to practice before the IRS regarding the preparation of a tax return is not privileged because there would be no similar privilege between a taxpayer and an attorney. The privilege relating to taxpayer communications with an individual authorized to practice before the IRS only applies in the context of noncriminal tax matters before the IRS, and noncriminal tax proceedings in Federal court where the United States is a party. IRC § 7525 

More information next week on Right 8 (IRS NTA web site) (TTT 12/08/2020)