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Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Part XVIII)

Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Part XVIII): The IRS has adopted a Taxpayer Bill of Rights as proposed by National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson

Bill of Right #10: The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System (cont.)

* You may request that the IRS remove any interest from your account that was caused by the IRS’s unreasonable errors or delays. For example, if the IRS delays issuing a statutory notice of deficiency because the assigned employee was away for several months attending training, and interest accrues during this time, the IRS may abate the interest as a result of the delay. IRC § 6404(e)

* The time limit for asking for the taxes you paid to be refunded may be suspended during the time you are unable to manage your financial affairs due to a mental or physical health problem. IRC § 6511(h)

* If you have acted with reasonable care you may be entitled to relief from certain penalties. Additionally, if you have a reasonable basis for taking a particular tax position, such as a position on your return or a claim for refund, you may be entitled to relief from certain penalties. Reliance on the advice of a tax professional can in certain circumstances represent reasonable cause for the abatement of certain penalties. IRC §§ 6651, 6656, 6694, 6662, 6676

* If you use a return preparer who takes an unreasonable or reckless position that results in underreporting your tax, that preparer may be subject to penalties. IRC § 6694

(IRS NTA web site) (TTT 8/28/18)