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Ways to Pay Your Taxes – Options to pay in full

Ways to Pay Your Taxes – Options to pay in full

To minimize interest and penalties, the IRS (and we do, too) recommend paying your taxes in full. However, if you’re unable to pay in full, you can request an Installment Agreement or Offer in Compromise. These payment plans allow you to pay your taxes in installments over time, to pay less than you owe, or both. It’s also important to stay current on your payments for future taxes. This means making your estimated tax payments, withholding payments, or federal tax deposits as required by law.

Options for paying in full (To explore all of your payment options visit

· Electronic payments

· IRS Direct Pay

· Debit or credit card

· IRS2Go

· Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

· Cash

· Pay by mail or visit the IRS in person at a local IRS office

Next week – how to pay your taxes – if you can’t pay in full

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