Business Consulting

Business Start-up

Are you thinking of starting a business? Are you wondering what type of business entity to form? …LLC? S Corporation? Partnership? Sole Proprietor? or a Corporation?

Our firm will discuss the tax and accounting needs for each business type to help you decide. Once you understand the tax obligations then we suggest you visit an attorney to set up your business entity. 

Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A.

The third person on your team besides the Certified Public Accountant and Attorney should be your bank/banker to help you set up your business accounts. You are on the road to a successful business.

Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A.

Record Keeping

The next step is your record keeping. Our firm has clients using QuickBooks and Peach Tree Accounting Programs. We can help you set up an in-house accounting system or we process your accounting for you. We can also help set up or process your payroll. Ruth Ann is a QuickBooks Pro-Adviser. If you need weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual accounting or payroll help, we are here. Just let us know your needs.

Tax Preparation

Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A.

Current Year Taxes

The current year individual income tax is offered at a discounted packet price (filed by October 15th) that includes Form 1040, Schedule A, State return, efiling, phone calls and a meeting to discuss the final return before signing. Additional forms are billed by the form or an hourly rate. Our firm is prepared to file any state required forms. Call for more information.

The business tax returns our firm files are Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Sole Proprietors, and Nonprofits. We will prepare any annual filing registration and quarterly and annual payroll forms (efiled) and any basis schedules for shareholders, partners, or members.

Prior Year Taxes

Our firm will file prior year individual and business tax returns. If you are missing tax documents we will be able to help you obtain them through IRS e-services.

Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A.
Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A.

Amended Returns

If a filed return needs to be amended, received new or corrected information, we are here to help, please call.