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Properly filing your taxes can be a complicated and often overwhelming process. Without proper advice and counsel, it can be all too easy to sometimes make some simple mistakes. But these simple mistakes can carry heavy consequences and fines, so it’s always the best idea to reach out to an experienced tax professional that can help with reliable tax resolution services.

If you are located in Minneapolis, MN, you’re in luck. Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A., is your trusted tax resolution professional who can help you navigate the tricky world of taxes. With Ruth Ann's help, you can avoid costly mistakes and quickly resolve any of your tax issues with the IRS.

Your Trusted Tax Resolution Professional

Tax issues can arise from a variety of simple and complex mistakes. Whether you forgot to list income or deductions, or simply input the wrong information in your forms by accident, tax issues can quickly cause a lot of trouble. Not only that, but it can steal your peace of mind when you are contacted by the IRS regarding certain discrepancies.

Ruth Ann Michnay is here to help you. She can quickly step in, analyze the issues and find the root cause of your tax troubles, then work closely with you to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Ruth Ann understands that as humans, we all make mistakes. But before a simple mistake costs you your peace of mind and a large sum of money, contact Ruth Ann for quality assistance.

Your Dedicated Tax Professional

As a certified public accountant, enrolled agent, and a US tax court practitioner with many years of experience, Ruth Ann can help you resolve your tax issues by working as a team. When you need to reach her for any questions or concerns, Ruth Ann makes herself available so that you can have the help you deserve.

So reach out to our office today to receive reliable tax resolution services. To schedule a consultation, reach out to us at (651) 209-8696.