Tax Problem Resolution Services in Minneapolis, MN

If you’ve run into difficulties with the IRS concerning your taxes, contact Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A., for tax problem resolution services in the Minneapolis, MN, area. Ruth Ann has the accounting and the tax experience to represent you.

Eliminate the Uncertainty

Taxes can be complicated. Lately, the tax laws, both federal and state, have been changing frequently. There is a lot of room for mistakes. If you get a notice in the mail from the IRS that says something is amiss, you don’t need to panic, but you can’t ignore the notice either.

At this point, you should contact a qualified tax professional (CPA, EA, or USTCP) to help you straighten out your taxes and determine the best course of action. When it comes to tax problem resolution, Ruth Ann Michnay will be on your team.

Solve the Problem

Tax problems can be simple. Perhaps someone filled out paperwork incorrectly, or a number was skipped in calculations. Of course, tax problems can also be complicated, especially when you owe money to the IRS.

In either case, Ruth Ann has the experience to work through the tax process with you. She can assist you in gathering all the correct information and representing your case to the IRS. If you owe the IRS an amount that you can’t easily pay, she can help you resolve your tax issue in a way that may minimize the debt. This allows you a clear path forward.

If you owe taxes or have tax issues and the IRS is contacting you (or will be contacting you), reach out to Ruth Ann Michnay, P.A., today at 651-209-8696. She can help you explore the tax problem resolution you need with the IRS and/or Minnesota Revenue.